Caerphilly Florist

As the Caerphilly florist, I create many beautiful floral tributes.

I specialize in creating beautiful flower tributes, be it a bouquet as a thank you, love, sympathy or flowers to brighten up someones life.

I love creating beautiful bouquets of flowers. As you can see from the floral gift waiting to be delivered, it has fresh flowers, it is presented in a bag and wrapped in presentation paper.

This particular flower bouquet was created for a regular customer who comes in frequently and shows his love to his wife with flowers on a regular basis.

I get a great deal of pleasure from being a conduit in the transfer of an emotion. Flowers are a fabulous way of telling someone you love them. I know this customers wife knows she gets flowers on a regular basis and she insists her husband comes to me because I give value for money. You cannot buy the quality of flowers from shops that are not florists. They buy lower quality stems. When all I ever do is buy the best quality freshest flowers I can obtain. All of my flowers come directly from the flower market every morning. When you come into my shop 18 Cardiff Road Caerphilly, you will be able to smell the scent of fresh flowers. I have a large array of flowers which I am proud to use in the work I make. When you buy flowers from me, you can be sure they will last for several weeks. Yes you have to change the water and yes you have to add the flower food that I give you but if you follow the instructions you will get weeks of pleasure from the flower bouquets arrangements and hand tied art I create. You will get exactly what you order. I do not cut corners. I just produce beautiful flowers for you. I hope you get as much pleasure from looking and smelling the flowers as I get from creating them for you. I sometimes work seven days a week to make sure that all orders are ready for collection or delivered on time. If you cannot come to the shop, then ring me, tell me the colours of flowers you want, tell me what varieties you want. If you do not know this do not worry. Just tell me the colours, the budget and I will create something really special for you and take great enjoyment doing

The Caerphilly FloristĀ 18 Cardiff Rd Caerphilly TelĀ 029 2086 8087

or if after hours tel 07930 608 646.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,






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