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Caerphilly Flowers

I have fresh flowers and plants delivered daily to Caerphilly 

Every day I have to replenish the stock of flowers I have. This changes as per the season, although virtually every type of flower can be obtained.

I phone my list of stock required every afternoon to my suppliers and today I was looking down my list of flowers thinking back to my youth and how much things have changed. Years ago we were very reliant on seasonal availability. Today it is of little consequence. Flowers and special occasions determine the price opposed to seasonal availability.

Although looking through my list of today.

Roses are always sought after and Lavender too.

There is always a market for traditional flowers. Albeit the exotic is easy to obtain, people in general are still not so comfortable with the unusual.

Thank you flowers for the MOB 1

This is an example of a fairly traditional bouquet of flowers I made today. As you can see the flowers are fresh and in great condition. The difference between shop that sells flowers and a florist can easily be seen in the picture above. People say florists are expensive but you have to compare like on like. There is no way that you could buy flowers of this quality in the combination I have made from a non florist shop. I am lucky in that I have a good local following which I am eternally grateful for. I like every other florist is supported by their local repeat customers and it is paramount to maintain a high level of both floristry and freshness of stock.

Thank you flowers for the MOB

I don’t normally have time to take pictures of the floral bouquets I make. Although I am making more of an effort to do so as my new website is going to be ready within a fortnight which I am excited about. I have always been reliant on walk in and repeat customers. It is the first time I have ventured into the world of selling flowers online. I have no idea what will happen but if I am not online, then I cannot sell anything.

Three bouquets of flowers

Lilacs, reds, white  and cream flowers with green foliage

These colours are always wanted, yes I sell a lot of orange but there is no escaping that these classic colours have been around since I started being a florist and no doubt will continue after I retire.

Next time you are in town, drop into the Caerphilly Florist on Cardiff Road.

I am always pleased to meet you.

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