I am the Caerphilly florist

I am the Caerphilly florist

My florist shop sits outside Cardiff in the beautiful town of Caerphilly.

Caerphilly is about 12 miles from Cardiff and I am fortunate to get good local and regular customers who travel to me. I also deliver to Cardiff, Caerphilly, Pontypridd, Church Village, Blackwood, Nelson, and the surrounding area.

I serve my customers as best I can and do anything I can do to make their experience the best I possible

I started my career as a Florist in Cardiff which is a beautiful city and has a very good flower market  where every morning flowers arrive at my shop. Cardiff is a very cosmopolitan city of culture. It is where I started my career and was introduced to exotic flowers I was taught to create into beautiful bouquets and hand tied special occasion gifts. My apprenticeship lasted for seven years where I learned to make from the simple to very complicated floral designs and serves me well in Caerphilly

. My life has always revolved around flowers for special occasions be it Wedding, Birthday anniversaries, funeral, Mother’s day or Valentines day flowers. Roses, carnations and lilies have all stood the test of time.

I have a large selection of many different flowers but transportation links allow me to source ethically grown flowers from across the world. I am sometimes amazed that flowers picked in Africa on a Saturday are refrigerated and with me by Monday morning or flowers bought in the Dutch flower markets are bought and delivered the next day. The world truly has become a village.
I have many wedding flowers for happy couples to do this year of which I derive great pleasure. These weddings are mainly held in local hotels to me, however I certainly create wedding flowers that are transported hundreds of miles from my shop. This adds a whole new dimension of difficulty where I have to refrigerate the finished flower designs and pack them in such a way that they arrive undamaged in peak condition. I have completed several of these long distance weddings and touch wood, I have not had a problem yet. I say a big thank you to my loyal customers who I would not be in business without. I always go that extra mile for my customers. I sometimes work late or start early so that my customer’s flowers are ready on time and are in the best condition possible and ready for collection or delivery. If the flowers have to be delivered. I get the flowers to the right place, at the right time, with the right message in the requested presentation on time. I enjoy seeing and meeting the recipient of the flowers and also see the faces of both the giver and the receiver of the flowers. I like to see the look of love, the feeling of want, the expression of emotion that makes my life seem worthwhile, that gives me purpose to please others. I feel very lucky to be in a position to experience the emotion and the love that surrounds beautiful flowers. I often read about flowers and their meanings. Flowers are truly evocative and the enjoyment I get from making other people happy just cannot be quantified. It drives me to become a better florist, to create more beautiful bouquets because as a florist albeit I am fully qualified. I am always learning. I am always being asked for the unusual, for floral designs I have not made before. I am continually looking at flower designs I have created be it a wedding, funeral, birthday, anniversary or just a thank you and think to myself, that is the best I have created. The learning process never stops. Every day is a new day and the delight of the day is seeing my customers and the happiness I can bring them. Yes, there are sad days. When I create a funeral or sympathy flower arrangement for a customer. I take solace from the fact I have created the best possible arrangement that transfers their emotion. Being a florist is truly an emotional experience, from great highs to lows and I am happy to be able to facilitate my customers in any way I can. I am in several flower directories which I am adding slowly,

Beautiful Flowers For Special People

Sending or receiving flowers is one of the best and most powerful ways to express and transfer an emotion; be it love, thank you or sorrow.

I create beautiful fresh flower bouquets, floral arrangements and tributes.

I am a florist with over 20 years of experience and below is a picture of a bouquet of flowers waiting to be delivered in Cardiff. I am based just outside Cardiff in a Small town called Caerphilly of which I service as well as the valleys in South Wales.

Tel 02920 868 087

Below is a beautiful  bouquet of flowers I made awaiting delivery to Cardiff.

This hand tied bouquet of fresh flowers contains scented pink oriental lilies, belle roses, raspberry carnations,and peony’s cradled in asparagus fern. This bouquet is gift wrapped is rich with scent and being delivered to Cardiff this afternoon.

Flowers to Cardiff


Flowers can mark the most important moments in our life.

I buy the best quality fresh flowers which are delivered directly to my shop from the flower market  in Cardiff . Every day I receive deliveries of fresh beautiful flowers and I examine every stem to make sure they are perfect.

Tel 02920 868 087

My Reputation is very important to me.

My reputation as a florist is not only reliant on my skill to create a beautiful presentation of fresh beautiful flowers. It is reliant on me understanding what my customer wants in terms of design and hopefully exceeding the customers expectations. I can literally make any floral design from the flowers the customer chooses and we can deliver them the same day if required to Cardiff,  Caerphilly and to all of the valleys surrounding me in South Wales.

My Shop is my showroom.

When you enter my shop, the first thing you will notice is the beautiful display of fresh flowers that I have delivered daily from the markets and the beautiful scents that those flowers exude. I have every colour of the rainbow for all occasions . I am a boutique florist in that I only have the best quality flowers, am fully trained florist and will not compromise my quality standards.

I create contemporary and traditional hand tied, bouquets and floral tributes all of which are created to my customers requirements. I always design flowers in a way that  incorporates the natural beauty, freshness and my customers wishes in mind.

Here is a beautiful delicate wedding tribute with a beautiful scent

Purple and cream flowers

I do my best to create what my customer wants. I take the flowers and prepare them in such a way that the natural beauty of the flowers is incorporated into a natural bouquet of beauty. This was for a wedding in Caerphilly.

Please feel free to call me 02920 868  087 or visit my shop.

Or out of hours Tel 07930 608 646

The Caerphilly Florist, 18 Cardiff Road, Caerphilly, CF83 1JN .